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Fitting a Tadpole will stop your heating system from corroding.

Tadpole Energy guarantee a 10% energy saving* on your heating.

Many commercial installations have a ROI of under 24 months.

Tadpole helps to increase your green credentials.

Eliminate cold spots in radiators caused by air pockets.

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Tadpole removes the air and the dissolved oxygen, which causes corrosion, from the heating system water.

Without corrosion your boiler and radiators last longer.

The removal of air leads to a higher efficiency which means saving money on energy bills, up to 

20% saving


As the water enters the Tadpole the action of the pump causes it to spin into a vortex. In the middle of the vortex there is a low pressure zone which is sufficient to draw the dissolved air from solution.

  1. As the water reaches the outlet of the Tadpole the action of the vortex increases and the bubbles of air, now out of solution, rise upwards and are collected through a dip tube to be released from the system through an air vent.

How Tadpole Works

By creating a unique environment, a 'vortex’ within the Tadpole that isn't affected by temp or pressure we extract the dissolved oxygen and gases  This is Henry’s Law

  1. Tadpole, is an unique device with no moving parts that reduces oxygen to an inert level (below 0.5 ppm) preventing corrosion within heating systems.

  2. Tadpole creates a vortex so that trapped air and especially dissolved air within the heating water can be removed through an automatic air vent.

  3. This eliminates the formation of magnetites in the system and results in increased flow and return temperatures by an average of 10°C and an increase in domestic hot water supply by over 2°C

There is no requirement to change the boiler - we simply change the properties in the Water

Tadpole works on any type of wet heating system where water is the heating medium

Pipe sizes 22mm 28mm for domestic and smaller systems and 54mm for commercial systems

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