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Ian and Rob have worked together for over 15 years, launching SSI SimplySaveIt as an umbrella vehicle for some of the best and most innovative carbon reduction and net zero solutions available.


They are client-driven, providing tailored packages designed around the aims and objectives of the customer whether it is becoming carbon neutral, reducing carbon emissions, considering how best to be greener within cost retrains, reducing their energy spend, or more commonly a combination of the above.


To help with our Clients' retrofit projects, Rob and Ian have achieved the NOCN_C skills Level 3 Award in Energy Efficiency Measures for Older and Traditional Buildings, PAS 2035/2038.


Rob is also a member of the Renewable Energy Institute, with many years of experience in renewables, especially Solar PV.

Picture of Rob Black co founder of Simply Save It

Rob Black  M.R.E.I

PAS 2035, 2038 Level 3 Qualified

Member of the Renewable Energy Institute
Picture of Ian Innes co founder

Ian Innes

PAS 2035, 2038 Level 3 Qualified

Rob is an Energy & Environmental professional with over 20 years of experience in energy efficiency including insulation, airtightness, heating systems efficiency and Renewables. With an environmental studies qualification, focused on Environmental Engineering  and qualified to PAS2035/38 level, he is able to offer a  needs based solution to Clients from many industries.

Ian has also worked in the energy industry for over 20 years, providing tailored energy saving solutions for his many clients with technologies that are proven to reduce carbon emissions and return excellent monetary savings with some ROI’s being achieved in under 12 months

Partners that we are working with

Picture of Adrian Polak who is the UK product manager for EndoTherm and EndoCool

Adrian Polak
UK Product Manager
For EndoTherm & EndoCool

 We work very closely with Adrian who is the UK product manager for EndoTherm and provides both ourselves and customers an unrivelled level of service, all orders are placed directly with Endo Enterprises   

Picture of Mark Huelin Managing director at The Energy Savers which incorporate Quattro Seal
Mark Huelin MD  at

The Energy Savers

Mark has expert knowledge of airtightness within buildings and coupled with his ethics that the customer always comes first it has been a pleasure to work with Mark on many projects over the last 18 years. Quattro Seal is a unique draught proofing system and again all our clients will deal directly with The Energy Savers.

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