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Image of 2 EndoTherm containers, 500ml and 5L
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Solar Panels
A Tadpole deaerator which removes the entrained air within the water in heating systems

EndoTherm Case Studies

EndoTherm is a unique energy saving water additive, verified by the EST and winner of the CIBSE Energy Saving Product of the Year 2016 helping organisations achieve their carbon reduction targets. 

Case studies include commercial buildings, council properties, NHS, schools, universities and housing associations.

Quattro Seal Draught Proofing Case Studies

Quattro Seal is a unique draught proofing system proven by the BRE to be 2.3 times more effective than traditional draughtproofing improving airtightness within buildings and reducing carbon emissions. Guaranteed for up to 15 years with Salix giving a lifetime of 29.2 years,

Case studies include schools, the London fire service and universities.

Solar Panels Case Studies

Our solar installation partner, Low Carbon Energy are a leading company in the solar field working with local authorities, the NHS, commercial enterprises, the leisure industry,  the agricultural market and the hospitality sector helping to reduce bills and their carbon footprint. 

Tadpole Energy Case Studies

Tadpole is a dearaetor for wet heating systems which removes the air and the dissolved oxygen from within the system stopping the further deterioration of the pipes and radiators and providing energy savings of up to 20% of the heating costs and carbon emissions. 

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