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Energy saving products towards ‘net zero’ Part One

Adrian Polak, Product Manager at Endo Enterprises, article on the multi-award-winning innovative energy saving products EndoTherm and EndoCool in Open Access Government publication.

Jump-start your race to ‘net zero’ with HVAC’s best kept secret weapon.

As we emerge out of the COVID-19 pandemic, countries, businesses and people worldwide are looking at ways to build back better and greener with climate change and sustainability at the top of the global political, social and economic agenda.

Whilst there is no single answer or ‘silver bullet’, these innovative products are simple and low-cost to install and can complement other renewable, energy saving and sustainable technologies and solutions as part of a holistic ‘net zero’ carbon plan and go some way to hitting sustainability targets.

Water, water everywhere but can we improve its ability to deliver energy? Water has proven itself to be an efficient, inexpensive and available resource in HVAC design ever since Roman times.

Endo Enterprises based in Warrington, UK, have been developing sustainably green chemistries to enhance the power of H2O in all closed wet heating and cooling systems. This new understanding of fluid science presents a gift to those who wish to reduce carbon emissions without changing the infrastructure of any building.

EndoTherm is a unique multi-award winning energy saving additive for wet heating systems – independently proven to save up to 15% on heating costs, improving the overall efficiency, performance, maintenance and life expectancy of heating systems and their assets.

Used by some of the largest property portfolios and FM companies in the UK, US and Canada, EndoTherm is dosed at 1% of system volume and works by changing the physical and thermal properties of water to improve the heat transfer efficiency and performance of wet heating systems.

Reducing C02 in all building types. No two buildings are the same yet EndoTherm is scalable to work in all types of domestic, commercial and industrial wet heating systems.

The protected formula is a chemistry that is non-corrosive, non-hazardous, stable, inert, organic substance that is easy to install with zero disturbance or system shutdowns and becomes carbon neutral in less than a day.

EndoTherm has been proven to increase the difference in temperature in wet heating systems; heating water up quicker, increasing heat transfer of heating mediums, reducing heat loss in pipe runs, maintaining room temperatures for longer and lowering water return temperatures. This, in turn, reduces the number of boiler cycles and creates improved conditions which allow the heating system to be more reactive to changes in heat demand, operate more efficiently and save energy

Installed in over 100,000 buildings worldwide, EndoTherm is verified by the Energy Saving Trust and has received industry recognition by CIBSE and a host of HVAC awards.

Several government funded heating and energy saving schemes in the UK and North America now specify EndoTherm and it is specified in various framework agreements and statements of work.

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