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We only have one planet, it's not too late to save it.  




Many organisations have a strategy in place for achieving net zero carbon emissions over the next 5 to 10 years , some are just starting on their journey. However, no matter where you are on that road we have proven, often unique solutions that will help you achieve those targets. 


Case studies from world renowned commercial organisations and reports from respected test houses provide unbiased evidence of the efficacy of a technology. This allows you to make an informed decision confident in the knowledge that the carbon and monetary savings will be met.



A list of clients that have installed and used a product over a period of time is important. It gives confidence to new customers that the measures they are considering will achieve the savings that are expected and in many instances, this, coupled with case studies allows a project to progress without the need for pilots. Clients who use our products include Universities, the NHS, LACs, The National Trust, The MOD and many large corporates. To see some of them click below. 


EndoTherm-Range-500ml-5L (1).jpg


A unique energy saving additive        for wet heating systems.
CIBSE Energy Saving Product of                 The Year 2016.

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Quattro Seal Draught Proofing Logo

Quattro Seal

 A unique draught proofing system providing ait tightness in buildings.    BRE tested, used by over  200 Public             Sector organisations.  

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5 Litre container of EndoCool energy saving additive for water chilled air cooling


Another unique energy saving product, EndoCool is manufactured in the UK for saving energy in water chilled air cooling systems


Every one agrees that to stem global warming we need to act to reduce our carbon emissions and we need to act now. However there isn't one magic silver bullet that will achieve net zero carbon emissions but rather it will be a combination of technologies and behavioral changes that will need to be implemented.  

Our product range can work as stand alone measures or they can enhance other energy saving technologies, increasing their effectiveness and, with a low capex, quicken the ROI making many more projects viable.  


Contact us today for an informal chat to discover how we can help you reduce your companies carbon emissions and increase your green credentials easier and a lower cost than you may have thought.



Black And White Business Logo-01.jpg
Black And White Business Logo-01.jpg

Do you have a ‘net zero’ carbon plan or strategy? Are you hitting your sustainability targets?

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to discuss your ‘net zero’ carbon & sustainability goals and let us help you to unlock additional savings.

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